Turf Wars Demo

Welcome to the demo page!


Download the demo through the link down below!

Turf Wars Demo


The game is packaged in a rar-file. If you can’t extract it please use the free software 7-zip.
Then start the game by opening the exe-file.
The game requires one gamepad per player and is for Windows only.

About Turf Wars

Turf Wars is a chaotic top-down local multiplayer shooter that takes place in dynamic crime-shaped ghetto environments. Packed with action, hazards, and explosions that will keep you on the edge of the seat. Take control of the wacky gangsters and clash against your friends in an all out mayhem!

  • Key Features:

  • 2-4 Player local multiplayer

  • Dynamic maps

  • Diverse combat

  • Customizable loadout

  • Random events during matches

  • Explosions and ragdolls