Turf Wars

Turf Wars is a chaotic top-down local multiplayer shooter that takes place in dynamic crime-shaped ghetto environments. Packed with action, hazards, and explosions that will keep you on the edge of the seat. Take control of the wacky gangsters and clash against your friends in an all out mayhem!

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Download the Turf Wars demo here!

Just click this gangster!


Four action packed maps, each with a day and night mode. Maps very in events during different times of the day.


Turf Wars is full of interesting features as listed here to the side. When thinking of features, we think about what we think is fun in games. Our team has a mad love for destruction, physics and cool explosions.


For us, the features of the game should aid the players immersion and let the player play the game, instead of being controlled by the environment.

4_player_multiplayerThroughout all of the maps there are special events that occur, making the game more dynamic and unpredictable. A van can drive by and open fire onto the battlefield without warning.


In other maps a train plows through the map with a gangster throwing an explosive barrel onto your head just to make your life a little bit more difficult.

Turf Wars has a loadout system which lets you choose a range weapon, melee weapon and grenade of your choice.